I am deeply delighted to welcome you to the Council Website. As we are marking a significant milestone in consumer information affairs through this website, allow me to congratulate every single individuals and organizations who have put up their efforts and upholding contributions for the development of this informative tool. You have shared a pride of being part of the team in developing a precious device that will boost awareness of consumers of air transportation services in Tanzania. Had it not been for your support and valuable contributions, we would not have reached where we are now. We believe that the introduction of this website evokes a sense of fulfillment that it is delivering the desired information to consumers, and on this backdrop it will remain an exemplary tool for our advocacy activities.

The current consumer issue in air transportation market is affordability and reliability. It is no secret that affordability and reliability of goods and services are the key consumer issues in our transport business environment and our economy in general. Improving affordability and reliability of transportation services is achievable, but it requires sustainable change in our market. Change to arguably the most complex area of the market itself and fair competition. It is the area where everyone or every stakeholder such as Ministry of Transport, Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, Tanzania Airport Authority, TCAA Consumer Consultative Council, Tanzania Air Operators Association, Fair Competition Commission, Airlines, Business Community, Ground Handling Companies, Training Organizations and the General Public must work simultaneously and seamlessly. Given that many different entities may be carrying responsibilities for different aspects in improving affordability and reliability of aviation goods and services in the market, real improvement can be successfully attained only if potential stakeholders towards this goal shall focus on the overall effect to the welfare of our people and seamlessly collaborate to achieve the desirable outcome. What seems to be paramount here is a collaborative pragmatic approach amongst market stakeholders’ onset. Let us embark on a range of new tasks and responsibilities with optimum commitments to achieve our goals.

The website is intended to be affluent on mixture and good blend of priceless consumer information and wisest course of action to the improvements of aviation consumer market in our country. It is our sincere believe that you will find this website rewarding in a way and would have a reflection in your daily activities.

With positive perspectives and our plans ahead as a Council, it is apparent that the website remains a responsive and active collaboration while emitting radiant ambiance in our aviation consumer market. As we are sailing towards the new horizon, we can now look ahead with confidence to achieving even greater results in our current and imminent challenges as consumers.  

Hamza Johari


Executive Secretary